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Sunday, March 29, 2009


I asked Mika what her favorite word is. She replied with 'Wind' as in Blowing In The...
She added that 'monkey' is her other favorite.


As Declan runs down the hall with a hockey stick,
Me: Declan! Are you Bobby Orr?
Declan: No! I'm Bobby Hull!

Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm on the huntdown through the house for Mika's birth cert and public health record. If found this morning, we're off to the school to register the girl for Kindergarten in the fall. She'll be going into a Mandarin bilingual program - should be fun!

I got all teary last night talking about it with her - I am SUCH a suck.


Me: Declan, what position are you going to play when you grow up?
D: Blue team! (means he wants to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs)
M: No, Doosey, position. Do you want to be a Defenseman?
D: Nooooo
M: Forward? How about THE CAPTAIN?
D: NOOOOOO! I be goawie and geta stanny CUP!

Monday, March 23, 2009

She's such a girl...send help.

"Mama? The next time you go to a store, do you think you could maybe get me some lipstick please? I'd be really pretty with lipstick." - Mika, age 4

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mika reads!

Mika read her first book tonight - called The Cat's First Reader - very cute. She struggled a bit with some of the more difficult words like 'cushion' pronouncing it cush-ee-on, but read it all nonetheless. She's a sounding-out-words machine!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hey! We're all alive and well. The kids have been busy busy busy. Parties, playdates, crafting, painting, and other good stuff. Declan is his usual lovable monster self and Mika is a typical 13 yr old. Decals still loves hockey more than anything. Mika loves sulking in her room about how unfair life is.
The kids were a bit sick on the weekend. Nothing made it past the fevered and lethargic point though. Nonetheless, a birthday party was missed. A Galaxyland at WEM birthday party that Mika was really looking forward to. Nana to the rescue! She came over today to hang out with Declan while I hauled Mika to the mall for rides and fun. It costs a lot less to go on a weekday and there was significantly less people. Unfortunately, there are also only about 3 operators for each ride, so there were some waits and whines.

Dishes and laundry are calling...

Monday, March 02, 2009


Some things we've enjoyed lately: the Silver Skate festival at Hawrelak Park - we went once to meet Sammi and once with Saoirse and Brighid. Foolishly, we went later in the afternoon both times and missed a lot of the activities, but the kids made it out on the ice and that's what mattered to them. The kids have had many afternoons with Nana at home and at Nana's house. We met cousins Jackson and Lucas at Nana's last week so that Mika and Jackson could Easy Bake the afternoon away. They loved it and are both signed up for a kids cooking class at the arts centre this spring.
Mika is still in dance and has decided that she loves it again. They get pirate ballerina costumes next week - woot!
Mika asked to be registered for soccer this year, so we've signed her up for that too. Saoirse came with us and got on our community league team too! W00t!!