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Sunday, September 26, 2010

What day is it?

Kids are grand, Danny and I have been sick. Myself more so. Boohoo!

Declan's loving his dance, library and gymnastics classes.

Mika's enjoying school, Sparks, dance classes, and gymnastics. She's feeling some social pressure as odd-man-out - the only kid who goes home for lunch in her class. Luckily, she digs the home time enough that it yet to become an issue.
She's had some bullying problems and handled everything beautifully. Her rule of thumb is to not tattle unless someone is getting (or about to get) hurt. Mika seems to have a good sense about when words are hurtful to others and need an adult involved or can be shrugged off someone with a well-placed "I don't think you're ____, come play with me over here."
The one kid that likes to pick on Mika and a couple of her friends refuses to respect 'no' from them - and no teacher seems to be able to help this kid either.
After school on the playground last week, he raised his arm to hit my friend's kid, A. My friend stepped in and told the kid that he would have *her* to deal with should he ever decide to hurt A in any way. He said he could care less and would beat up my friend too. He's 6. 'A' has complained that it's hard for her to pay attention in class because this kid continually disrupts things and she loses her train of thought. Curious to see what's going to happen with this kid this year.
This kid came at Mika in the hall after school on Friday in a frankenstein-type style. He likes to scare and chase the girls. Often they oblige, but Mika is getting sick of it. She gave him what I call her "soul reaper" stare and didn't move a muscle. The kid stopped and literally slowly backed away from her. I think she'll be alright.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

#2 Tooth

Mika's second tooth came out tonight. Mucho blood. Very dramatic. All good.