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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Playdate with Sammi

Mika takes a wee tumble.

note: fixed the incorrect link. ewps!

Monday, June 01, 2009


Here's my attempt at an update while the boyo eats cereal:

Mika is one class away from finishing her cooking classes. She's had a lot of fun and made some great new friends. Her anxiety about it faded away after the second class - w00t!
Soccer will be done at the end of the month too (i think) and the girl has done an awesome job. She runs like mad and is a great keeper. We tried to get her boyfriend on the team yesterday, but it didn't happen. Sam's Mom is going to contact the league boss and see if she can get him on the team despite how late it is in the season.
Mika and Declan have had some wonderful playdates with various kids and we're looking forward to more.
Summer is kind of here - Edmonton style. The garden is growing well aside from the hops. The leaves are turning dark green and shriveling up. Infestation of some sort? I have no clue. I think I'll stick to potatoes or something next year. Mika's flower boxes are in good shape as are the tomatoes and peppers from Baba and Grandpa Ted. The strawberry patch is showing a couple of flowers. The lawn is disappearing, dandelions are doing well - haha.
The kids love being in the yard - playing basketball, soccer, lacrosse, or tending to the rocks. They have a mania for rocks. Sometimes the rocks are just rocks, "This is my rock friend - her name is Rocky Rock Rock", other times they take on other, uh, personalities such as Pokemon or a cheerleader.
Both kids are currently obsessed with High School Musical. Declan loves dancing as much as his sister.

We hit the International Children's Festival last week and loved it. Mika and I saw a performance called O Cano. We dug it. Mika got to sit next to the hand puppet performance group from Peru - she felt like a bit of a star herself.

Ah, the boy has made his way to his sister's room and by the screams and shouts, I gotta go!