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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Each Wednesday for about a month now, Nana comes over to hang with us. Declan is finally to the point where he smiles when he sees her and doesn't have a total fit if she picks him up. He even shows off his mad dancing skills.

- meh - Mika just came to tell me that Declan 'stinks'. "He pooped in his diaper Mama - I can smell it."

the end is near!

I go back to work in January. Bleh. Mika had been sick for a week and is still recovering - she hasn't been to daycare in a couple of weeks. This morning, we made the decision just to pull her until she *has* to go in January. We kept her in when Declan was born just to give me some recovery space plus she really liked going. As autumn progressed, Mika seemed to enjoy her days at home more than her days at daycare. So...when she claimed to be too sick to go to daycare this morning, we had a little chat. She grudgingly admitted that she wasn't really sick, but just didn't want to go. So...Daddy made the call to the daycare this morning to let them know that Mika will be back in January - with little brother in tow...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

and so it starts

Mika had a blast at my work's kids xmas party. They had a bouncy castle with balls - needless to say she hung up her coat and bee lined right to it. The snacks consisted of various chips and cheezies and the like, so again, Mika was in her glory. She made a glittery star decoration and a couple of bead candy canes at the craft tables - cheated a bit at the ring toss, and was excited about santa until she saw him. Then she refused to leave Daddy's arms. Declan was asleep in the carrier when they called his name to go up and see the old guy, but I took him anyway. Danny snapped a photo - its flickrd. A sleeping baby makes for an easy 1st shot w/ santa - even if it means Mom is in the picture.
Was good to see a few of the ol' work gang too - and their cute kids.

- oh yeah, and someone twisted her a pink puppy balloon - another Mika fave. And gave her candy...oi.

- Declan managed to sleep through not only the santa arrival, but the seemingly endless blast popping of balloon swords. It sounded like a battlefield and none of the wee infants present made a peep.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

slice of freedom

We actually left the house without Declan yesterday. No, not a silly mistake - Nana was over. Granted we didn't make it any further than the traffic circle a few blocks from home, but all in due time. It was Declan's very first time without either Danny or myself around. Mika stayed with him and Nana - that makes a big difference. I bet Declan would have snapped if Mika hadn't have been home too.
Mika got to play with her cousin Jackson over lunch yesterday - she was thrilled. Lucas was down with pink eye, so he didn't come out.
It's my work's kids xmas party today. Mika has an absolutely horrible sounding cough - have to spirit her away to the medicentre this morning to see if she needs biaxin and whether its OK for her to attend the party. We'll both be disappointed if we don't get to go...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy 33-Month Birthday, Mika!

Mika had an awesome day...she got to play with Saoirse for *hours* at Brighid's 1st Birthday Party. Declan loved it too. He and Brighid made eyes at each other - he also scored impromptu hugs and kisses from Saoirse. AND I'd post more, but we need to go grocery shopping...

Thursday, November 15, 2007


mika has forgotten how to speak a few phrases:

"I finished all my cereal!" is now "I finished my cereal all!"

"When I grow up, I'm going to..." is "When I grow up, I used to..."

"I forgot my..." is "I gotfor my..."


declan power crawled to his sister, lunged forward, and totally took her down. it was awesome.

he still will not fall asleep on his own - will he ever? i am doubting it. he has to be nursed or bounced in his beco carrier to fall asleep. his doc told me flat out to put him to sleep by himself in a crib. after a half hour of his screaming, even when i was in the room with him, i gave up. he only likes being in the crib if mika is there with him.

he's a climber too.

if mika is at daycare, he follows me around all day. if she is home, he follows her. thinking of pulling her from daycare for my last month of leave so she can help out. it's handy.

declan loves to play infant soccer. he dribbles with his hands as he power crawls around and makes awesome shots.

mika is into farting and letting the world know about it verbally. she also tells me how proud she is of me when i use the toilet.

anthony and lori should have a baby.

mushbrain me cannot remember what else i wanted to note about the kids...more later, i guess..

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

oh hai

Declan can wave! Daddy showed him...it's very cute, of course.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Crazy wait at the dr.'s this morning. Anyway, the boy is doing swimmingly. They say he weighs 25 lbs, 2 oz. and is now 30.25 inches long. Soon he will weigh more than Mika...

Happy 9-Month Birthday, Declan!

Gah! The boyo is practically over the hill. Declan is a bulldozer this month. He's mastered crawling and pulling up on everything and anything. He's trying t stand on his own too.
He's the biggest mamasuck I have ever known! He wants to be carried everywhere. If I put him down in the living room so I can grab a coffee from the kitchen, he power crawls to me loudly complaining the whole time.
Declan has 6 teeth and I think some molars or something coming in. Can't tell - but his fingers are always in the back of his mouth and he's been pulling on his ears. We have a Dr. appt. this morning, so she can (hopefully) rule out an ear infection.
Declan is a drummer. I set up half of my kit in the basement and Mika was demanding that I play. I thought for sure that the noise would terrify the boy. It startled him for a second, but then a big grin appeared and he started air drumming right along with me.
He does not sleep well. I don't know if it is teething, his nasal passage issue (another thing that will be brought up again at the doc), or if he really is hungry every 2 hours, but its wearing on us.
When Mika watches TV, Declan is sometimes interested, sometimes not. We try to keep him away from the screen - but - if I throw in the Learn Mandarin kids dvd, he's riveted. He's trying to say Bao Bei ('treasure' in mandarin) and will probably end up knowing his colours in chinese before english.
Lastly (because I am brain dead from lack of sleep and can't think of anything else to post), Declan loves playing "So Big!". It goes something like this: I ask him how big he is, he stretches his arms out (or lets me stretch them for him) and I say "He's SO big!" and the guy giggles like a schoolgirl.
Is the excitement killing you yet?

Saturday, November 03, 2007


the boy would not sleep until after midnight. the girl woke up barfing at 2am. the boy was up again at 3-ish. Down again until 4:30. Up. Down. Whole house awake and going by 6:30. ugh.