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Friday, May 30, 2008


Had Day One of the International Childrens Festival today. Saw this play - it rocked! Even Declan was riveted. Didn't do any site activities today - hopefully tomorrow after we see Red Thunder.

Mika's is on the mend from a nasty cold virus as am I. Declan is on the mend from strep. We've been a fun bunch lately. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Declan carries on as a romeo and general madman. I'm amazed at how difficult it is to distract him from a goal. He was mad at me yesterday for not letting him have at the big refill bottle of bubbles. A full scale tantrum was thrown followed by a refusal to have anything to do with me. The final act was getting his shoes and trying to put them on so he could just leave and be done with me and my tyrannical ways. Daddy ended up hiding the bottle in the basement because Declan will just open random drawers on the island to climb upon it and get what he wants. In the end, he was finally distracted by food and happily sat down to eat. Oi.
I love watching him pick up and throw the big balance ball. It's very Atlas. He kicks a ball well, dribbles the soccer ball OK, has a decent throwing arm, can make the odd catch, has a mad swing but still hits the ball OK with his wee golf set, but I think he's still best at taking the ball up and down the hall with his hockey stick.
The disney princesses have taken over my daughter fully and completely. Nobody told me that I would have a princess and a jock! Ach, anyway Mika still claims Emo status now and again and Declan is wild for singing and dancing too. He sings in the car all the time and dances at the slightest sound. Mika prefers to compose her own princess mash up songs with titles like Cinderella and The Beast. Each song has a dance to go with it. She works her way up to performing by asking us incessantly if we want to hear her song or see her special dance. We answer yes and she replies that she's not ready yet. This can go on for days before she reveals her routine. They're grand pieces - very expressive moves. Oi.

20 May 2008

As a mediocre parent, I have to resort to bribery at times to get Mika to co-operate. It's that or smacking her butt - a true dilemma! :)
Yesterday she did not want to get up and go to school. Not that she ever does, but yesterday was extra fun with crying and whining instead of the usual mild complaining. To help her help herself, I suggested that if she chilled out and went to school nicely, we could do something Girly after work. Mika goes wild for anything labelled Girly. Needless to say she got dressed, packed her breakfast, and was out the door with a whistle - er, would have been if she could whistle.
We kicked Daddy and Declan out to the library after supper last night. Mika settled on the couch and had both her fingernails and toenails painted - in Fantasy from OPI's designer series.

Bah - the users are callng. I shouldn't blog from work....

Sunday, May 04, 2008

still here...

oh hi!

Mika had her final ballet class yesterday. She had a blast and will be missing these Saturday mornings until classes resume in the fall. The girl earned herself a big Princess Aurora sticker and a cookie for a job well done.
I took her in to see her physician on Friday about her excema and somehow we came out with a requisition to have her blood sugar tested for diabetes. Keeping toes crossed on that one.
In other news, her boyfriend is in Slovakia for a month and she's anxiously awaiting his return. He's been gone only 2 days. Oi.
Princess mode is fullon now. Mika borrowed Disney's Little Mermaid and Cinderella from the library. Apparently Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast are to follow - so she says.
Declan is a machine!! He climbs everything and anything and is getting more skillful by the minute. When we're out in the yard, he just climbs right up the slides and heads down no problem. I think Mika was over 2 by the time she was ready to slide without help. Such differences! Declan is a dancing fool - he busts a move anytime anyplace. The kid is also smart. We can give him simple instructions and he carries them out without a hitch - things like take this to daddy, go find mika, etc. His language is coming along well too and he tries to say almost anything that you ask him.
At last check, Declan was 27 pounds, Mika an even 30. She wears a size 4 pant length with a 18 month waist. Declan is starting to get into his size 24M stash...GAH!
I'd love to wrack my brains for more info, but Declan is highly active at current and is in the bay window...