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Monday, December 14, 2009

A few rounds done

The first session of dance is almost over. Mika has her final class on Thursday. Her usual teacher has a final that night, but Miss Katie recently returned from England and will be subbing. Mika is excited to see her fave dance teacher again. Miss Katie rocks!
The class had an in-class first session recital last week where we got to hear Mika willingly sing for the first time...ever? I've heard her around the house now and again, but I usually have to be sneaky as she WILL NOT sing in front of anyone, especially Danny and me. OK, that's not entirely true. There have been moments during our dance parties where she lets it out, but not often. Ms. Yip tells me that Mika sings and dances in kindergarten no problem too - again, as long as Danny and I are nowhere near. It was awesome to see her brave it out and have some fun. They did Here Comes Santa Claus with all the cute actions as only a group of wild 4-7 year olds can do. The girls showed off their 'real' ballet skills too going over the various positions. Mika and another girl flat out refused to do one number called The Circus Parade where the dancers parade around acting out various animals and things from the circus. Mika and Martina also refused to play freeze dance as apparently these are too "little kid" and it would have been far too humiliating to participate in front of an audience. So it goes...

The kids finished up their first session of gymnastics last Saturday. It was mostly a fun day where they could just run around and do as they pleased. Near the end of class they lined up and stood on a podium throwing their arms in the air like olympic champs as they were presented with certificates. Oddly, we have no photos of this event. Bah!
Danny tells me that Declan is a gymnastics wunderkind. He races across the balance beam now and does forward to backward rolls on the bar without dropping. I saw a few classes, but not many. Both kids did really well and love it, so back they go for session two in January.

We attended a Christmas party hosted by Danny's work weekend before last. The kids loved it - indoor playground, skating, pizza party, visit from Santa with cool presents, and lots of awesome kids to pal around with. Thanks FPB!

Saoirse and Brighid's birthday party was a hit too - hosted at a gymnastics club! The kids were all just lovely. I thought for sure Declan would toddle off on his own, but he listened to the 'coach' and followed along with the older kids no problem. I love seeing groups of kids playing together without incidents - especially when it involves things like whipping foam blocks at each other as fast as you can. We finally got to meet the other Saoirse and her lil sis Sophie - very delightful girls. Met their big sis and Dad too - everyone but the Mam!
ANYWAY - all the kids had a blast and there were a few tears as kids were leaving. I think Declan wanted to sleepover at the gym.

AND We even managed to get in a seasonal visit with one of our fave families, the Arnolds. I love them so much that I just want to pack up and move into their basement or something. The kids are the best. I seriously love that I can just set my kids loose in their house and not worry about it too much. All four of our kids together behave disturbingly well - no fighting, no hurt feelings, everybody happy and respectful. Ava is a couple of years older than Mika and Evan a few months younger than her. I think Declan would happily pack up his pucks and move into Josh's place - hockey and superheroes abound! Cute chicks! Sign him up!

We have Mika's school's Winter Family Fun Fest coming up this week. They don't do a concert - crafts, face painting, photo booth, hayrides, and cookies/hot chocolate on a Thursday night is how they roll. Hmm...in typing this it just occurred to me that this is in conflict with Mika's last dance class and the return of Miss Katie. D'oh! We shall see what the girl decides...

Friday night we are forgoing Danny's work's adult xmas party to take the kids to the mall to play in Galaxyland. Yes, this is what having children does to your brain. You give up adult company and wicked free food and drinks and free cab rides home to take your kids to what has to be one of the most irritating places on earth, which will be made worse because it will be the last Friday before Christmas. BUT...my kiddies, they love those rides. Mika is a roller coaster fiend. A friend invited us to come out because she was able to get $5 passes for that night through her work. Normally, you pay about $25 per kid for that hellhole. - so...off we go. Our nephews will be there too - both of them daredevils as well, so Mika will have someone to go on the coasters and drop of doom (or whatever its called) with her, aside from me. It will be a painful experience, but the joy the kids well get out of it will make it all worthwhile, right? Hahaha. Ha. Hmm.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


On our way to school this morning Mika told me about the dream she had last night. She said she dreamt that she woke up and came into our room. Danny and I were sleeping. She went into Declan's room next and he woke up. They went outside and played in the yard until a giant mosquito came. They were so scared that they ran all the way to Calgary where they found Auntie Amber and Uncle Dave who took care of them for the day. Then she and Declan were all of a sudden home again and Mika woke up.

Good to know my kid is still paranoid about bugs in December. :)