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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Day 71

We slept, we ate, we walked, we shopped, we visited, we played. Nothing new to report on Day 71. It was a fun day anyway.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Happy 10 Week Birthday, Mika!

She made it to the double-digits!
Mika's sleeping patterns have taken a turn. We still put her down at 7-7:30PM, but she never stays asleep for more than a halfhour. Its like her evening nap now. For the past couple of nights, she has stayed up as late as we have (11-midnight). To get her to fall asleep at night, we have to put her in the swing. The usual tricks like nursing, bottles, and cuddles just are not cutting it. I hope she reverts back soon!
I had wanted to take her out and do some shopping today, but the weather sucks and I don't want to take her out when its snowing unless I have to. She felt a little warm this morning, but wouldn't stay still enough for me to get a temperature reading, so I just gave her a dose of Tylenol..better safe than sorry.
bah...she's awake again! Mika won't nap for longer than a half hour unless I take her to our bed and lay down with her...

Off to rescue from the horrors of the crib!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Day 69

Phew...we all made it out alive! Mika had her first round of immunizations with success. She was in mid-freakout when the needles actually stuck her, so I don't know if she even really noticed them. Daddy held her while I averted my eyes.
Mika weighed 11 lbs, 5 ounces today. She is not gaining weight as much as she should be. We feed her all she wants, both boob and formula and there are no other apparent eating issues. She goes through a bucket of diapers a day..*always* wet. Averages one poop per day. So Mika might just have a really high metabolism. Her head size is average and she is slightly above average in height. Though she hasn't grown any taller since her last dr.'s visit and that concerns me. She sees her doctor in a couple of weeks and all of these issues will be addressed then. Her other 'milestones' are being met, like her cooing and chatting, holding up her head, grasping, recognizing her Mom, and visual tracking. I'm just glad that we survived Immunization: Round One.


From DaddyR's "365 Stupidest Things Ever Said" calendar:

"My guitars are my umbilical cord. They're directly wired into my head"
-Kirk Hammett

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Day 68

Yawn....Mika is getting just nutty about sleeping. She takes her naps well during the day most days, but is not wanting to go to bed until 9-ish. We still put her down at 7-7:30, but she gets up after a half hour and demands more playtime.

Mika is enjoying playtime and reading. She continues to prefer looking at words rather than pictures. Must be the B&W contrast and general funky shape of letters that get her. Its fun reading to her anyway, even though she's too young to notice the voices that I make up. She also likes to kick my keyboard drawer shut if I hold her on my lap while at the computer. It's a great trick.

Mika goes for her first round of immunization tomorrow evening. I don't think I am quite ready to hold her as someone injects her with disease. I know it's a good thing to do, but, oh how I am dreading it. Worried that she will get sick is #1 up there, followed by having to watch her receive the shots. And we have to do it again at the 4 month mark.

There's three shots:

Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Haemophilus influenza type B - These diseases can kill or disable large numbers of children. The vaccine for these five diseases are very effective and are usually combined in one needle. The vaccines are usually given in a series during infancy and childhood.

Meningococcal Disease - Meningococcal bacteria can cause two serious diseases, meningococcal meningitis (an inflammation or infection of the covering of the brain and spinal cord) or meningococcemia (a more serious infection of the blood & many parts of the body). A vaccine to prevent the most common strains of meningococcal bacteria is provided through the Alberta Immunization Program. It is provided in a series for babies during infancy.

Pneumococcal Disease - is caused by pneumococcal bacteria, of which there are 90 strains. Streptococcus Pneumoniae is a leading cause of invasive bacterial infections in infants and children such as meningitis, serious blood infections and pneumonia. A vaccine provided through the Alberta Immunization program helps protect against the most common strains and will prevent 80-85% of invasive pneumococcal disease.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Days 66 & 67

Ugh...I am lagging on the updates. Too tired to post. I couldn't sleep last night until it was time for Mika to be up. Then she wanted to stay up and I am a zombie. Yesterday's highlight was Nana's Birthday Party! Today's were a botched visit to Oma and a not-botched one with G.
It's 10:27PM and Mika still isn't asleep.

Monday, April 25, 2005


Upon birth, Mika had a few monkey-like physical characteristics, like brown furry ears and back. She also liked to grip things with her toes. I noticed this weekend that her fur is disappearing and she tends to grip more with her hands than feet now.
My monkey baby is growing up!

My Girl!

I like to believe that Mika shows her musical preferences by whether or not she smiles when I sing along with a particular song. This morning, she was smiling and cooing like mad as I sang along with Skulls by the Misfits!

Day 65

Ack..Mika slept poorly again on saturday night. I think it might be the heat. We left her in just a diaper to sleep last night, but it made no difference. She had an exciting day yesterday! Uncle Erick and Auntie Barb were here from the states. It was Oma's birthday, so the family gathered at the Misercordia. Oma is still recovering from her hip surgery. We had cake and strawberries and tried our best to make Oma's day and I hope we succeeded. I felt a little silly after realizing Oma was right next door and we hadn't visited her yet. Bad us!

Thanks Uncle Erick for the uber-soft kitty toy!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Day 64

Mika had a rocking Friday of screaming for her evening guests. Uncle Ant and Auntie Lori came by for a BBQ (I got to drink beer!) and Uncle Ian and Auntie Irene came by too. Mika pretty much screamed the whole time...unless she was sleeping. Everyone had left by about 8PM. Mika fell asleep at about 8:15.
Today we ran some errands and visited G. Went for a stroll and had another BBQ. The weather is too nice not to.
I am too tired to post more...meh.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy 9 Week Birthday, Mika!

Yay...we survived another week! Mika's having a party tonight. Uncle Ant, Uncle Ian, Auntie Lori, and Auntie Irene are all coming over after work. DaddyR is gonna fire up the 'Q and we will feast on burgers.
Mika is misbehaving right now. She wouldn't fall asleep for her morning nap and is playing in the swing instead. I had hoped that the swing would put her to sleep, but nothing so far.
Ah well...I am off to shower soon and then we are going for a stroll....

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Day 62

Another day, another play session! Mika was up bright and early again. Its getting regular for her to be up at 8AM, which is a Good Thing! Means she gets two morning naps and sometimes even two afternoon naps. Now that she's napping for shorter durations, it's good that she increases the frequency. Mika is the grumpiest baby ever when she hasn't had proper sleep. She's downright evil, in fact. We had some good smiley playtime today, but for the most part Mika is very serious. She always looks so determined and focused. She has yet to learn patience at all. At least Mika amuses herself for longer periods now in the various play locations or swing. At the same time, when she does get lonesome, she gets really lonesome and you can't put her down for awhile.
Auntie Jenn came over this afternoon! Mika seems to really dig Auntie Jenn...always a good visit. She came bearing gifts of frog booties and toys. The frog booties suit Mika so well because she's started doing this frog kick thing when she's on her tummy. The toys are kewl because Mika's just starting to get really into them. We visited G after DaddyR got home from work. No pics of them together this time again because Mika was being fussy and its hard for us, let alone G to handle her when she's like that. G could hear Mika loud and clear though. G always thinks Mika is being stuck with a pin when she screams. She tends to forget that Mika's diapers use wraps and velcro and snaps and whatnot to close. Ah well, she's 103, she allowed.
We went for a walk for about an hour or so when we got home. Mika fell asleep during the walk, which was the plan. What wasn't in the plan was her waking up a block from home and remaining awake for another hour or so after we got home. Mika gets us every time.

Thanks Auntie Jenn and Uncle Lucas!

For the way cool Frog Booties, Bite The Puppy toy, Wrist Rattle/Teether, and Soft Squishy Fun Ball! All sure to become favorites at the Toy Bar, Sofa Blanket, Gymini and other playspots.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Day 61

Phew...the new sofa needed assembly. Assembly!! Damn Ikea. It wasn't that difficult. DaddyR helped. Actually, he did most of it. It looks good, feels good. Its Mika-friendly and the cats like it too.
Mika slept the same as yesterday. Up at 1:30 and so on. This time she demanded a bottle at around 3AM. No boob for her! Poor Daddy.
She and I went for lunch with Auntie Dawn-Anne today and that was really kewl. Mika slept until we got to the restaurant and then stayed up for the entire lunch looking around. She and I strolled about outside afterwards because it was beautiful out. Hot!
Wonder what we'll do tomorrow?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Day 60

Ack. Mika went to bed at 8Pm last night. She was up at 1:30 and a few times after that for feeds. I thought for sure she would sleep until 5AM again. She had a full bottle and a good nursing before she fell asleep. She had me up at around 8AM. Mika naps like her Great Great Granny...she takes "cat naps" or has "40 winks". These little 15 minute power naps...its nutty.
Anyway, Mika held onto a rattle for the first time today. She held it, shook it, and threw it on the floor! She and I are hanging around waiting for the Ikea delivery folks this afternoon. I am making soup from the chicken carcass from Grandma's Sunday dinner. Is the excitement too much?

Monday, April 18, 2005

Happy Two Month Birthday, Mika!

Mika had yet another leisurely day of eating and pooping and playing and swinging and dancing and chatting and napping....
She had her walk in the evening instead of the afternoon. The excitement is probably killing any readers by now. :-)
Mika slept in her room until about 5 AM this morning. That was kewl. I am still on her more demanding schedule and wake up at 2AM and every hour after wondering why she isn't crying. Nutso.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Day 58

Meeting Auntie Barb was pretty kewl last night. She helped Nana babysit Mika, though it sounds like there wasn't much to it. According to Nana, Mika slept, got up once for a bottle, and slept again until we got there. Nice! Especially since she slept through the hour-long visit with G just before. She had her Daddy up early again today and I think they both ended up passing out in their chairs in the living room until I got up shortly after 10.
Mika has to have a daily scalp massage currently due to some cradle cap action. I grease her up with this awesome apricot oil from the Burt's Bee's baby line. Seems to work well and is nice and light. Smells awesome too.
Ikea was fun. We finally bought a couch. A new couch. Neither DaddyR or myself had ever purchased a new couch before. It's this delightfully awful orange-red coloured thing. It'll match the big painting in the living room well. The sofa is also a bed. The back folds down in a typical funky Ikea way. The sofa is also low to the ground with a wide seat to make life easy and a little safer for Mika. No edges. We got the matching coffee table which is also has no sharp edges and sits low to the ground. Its being delivered on Tuesday afternoon so now we have to panic like mad tomorrow night rearranging things to make room for it. Anyone want a double futon?
We went for dinner at Grandma's today. It was uberyummy as always. Mika wore jeans and an AC/DC shirt to shock and delight her Grandma. Ok, well, it was so *I* could *try* to shock and delight, but I think I wore that out when I was 14. Grandma had treats for Mika: a rubber ducky for the bath and a toy! A vibrating bug pull toy. New toys for the Toy Bar are always fun and welcome. Hopefully it will distract her from the fact that her helium balloon is deflating. Thanks Grandma!!

Had sad news of both loss and sickness that dampened the day.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Day 57

Yay...I got to sleep from about 8:30 this morning to almost noon uninterrupted!! Whee!!
Today we are going to visit G, visit Ikea, and visit Nana. Mika is going to stay at Nana's while her Daddy and I go for dinner. Great Auntie Barb will be there too...she's up from Oregon.

more later...

Friday, April 15, 2005


I forgot to mention that Mika finally fell asleep for the night at 9:30 last night. She woke to feed at around 3AM and then went back to sleep until 7AM. Pretty good! I think that's close to the same schedule Grandma Sherman is on!

Happy 8 Week Birthday, Mika!

Mika turned 8 weeks old today. I am not quite sure if that means she is 2 months or not. I figure that on April 18, 2005 she would be 2 months. She is definitely eight weeks old though.
Mika celebrated by actually waking up at 7AM this morning to see her Daddy off to work. He's going out after work with his workmates and she didn't want to risk not getting to see him today in case she is asleep when he gets home. Mika had me carry her around following Daddy so she could grin at him.
Mika was back asleep by about 8:30. She slept for a bit and was up again shortly after nine and then back for a nap just before 11. She and I had a decent nap until noon. Mika has been smiley and giggly all day. She slept through the walk to Safeway and back. When she wakes up again, it will be time for Mika's Dance Hour. Looking at Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique for her music today. Mika never makes it through the whole hour though. A good thing as my arms probably couldn't take it.
Mika has been trying her hardest to roll over. She gets part way and then screams with frustration that she can't make it over. I've helped her a few times, which pleases her majesty. She holds her head up steady and looks around when she's on her tummy now. Or gets mad, puts her face in the blanket, and screams. It's so hard to please a princess.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

iMac and Gripe Water

We went out tonight and picked up a couple of things for Mika. An indigo 500MHz G3 iMac and a bottle of gripe water. Haven't tried either of them yet. Tomorrow is another day...
The iMac has a dvd drive in it. Whee. Now I need to swap the squeaking and uncomfortable glider for one of those foam armchairs that folds out into a kiddybed. I can lounge back and deal with Mika's wakeful nights from there watching movies. Meh...there's always the floor.

Day 55

Oh man...no sleep at all last night. The first third of the night was spent listening to DaddyR snore, the second third on active Mika alert because I was sure she'd be waking soon, and the final third was spent in the bathroom dealing with some kind of bloody indigestion or something. Those horrid stomach pains that only a warm bath will soothe. I begged Mika to sleep later than 8:45Am this morning, but she was having none of it. None. She did go down for her 11AM nap nicely though. I should have gone for one too, but I have sweeping, dishes, formula making, and blogging to do. :-)
Mika turned 90 degrees counter clockwise in her crib last night. When I went in to get her for the first night feed and diaper change, she was sideways in her crib trying to roll over. I'd like to have witnessed how she accomplished this feat. Wonder what position she'll be in when she wakes from her nap...?
Mika rode about in the baby carrier this morning until she got too tired and hungry to deal with anything except food and naps. A good thing!
It's raining out, so probably no strolls today. Besides, I have to clear a spot under the stairs for Mika's Supermac C500. Daddy is getting her an indigo iMac after work. A happy two-month birthday treat. Her existing Mac can't run OSX or iTunes and networking and music are important when you're two months old. or 30 years. Hrm...wonder if it has a dvd player in it...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Day 54

I was bad today. Mika fell back to sleep sometime around 7 this morning and the pair of us slept until 11AM. As a result, she didn't nap well. I'm lucky that she's asleep now instead of freaking in a cranky overtired fit. I should really just get her up at the same time daily no matter what, but I don't. Everything is dependent on how Mika slept the night before. And how I slept the night before.
Nothing out of the ordinary happened today..some playtime, some strolling, some watching me do dishes and prepare supper, some screaming.
Mika wanted to be carried a bit again today instead of staying in her stroller. This time, I think she was upset at being too warm. Who knows. not i.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Day 53

We're so predictable. Another day waiting for the cable guy and then off to the mall for a walk.
Mika actually refused to stay in the stroller today...I had to carry her while pushing the stroller. I think this means that its time to not use the car seat with the stroller so that she can look around. Either that or she is becoming the biggest suck ever. Every little old lady in the mall had to stop and coo at Mika as she peered over my shoulder and gave out smiles to strangers.
We visited G and saw Auntie Laura there too. No pictures to show for it though.
Mika loves looking at the helium balloon that she got from her Nana for Easter. I pull it down, let it go up, pull it down, let it go up, and on and on. Until Mika bores of it. About 3 minutes. This game has been going on since the end of March. Its good for developing her object-tracking skills...I hope.
Our betta fish, Darwin J. Fish, died today. R.I.P., Darwin! His snail friends live on...

Monday, April 11, 2005

Day 52

*yawn*...I'm tired.

Mika and I hung out at home all day today waiting for the cable guy to show up. He didn't. There was a communication issue and the cable company is coming tomorrow. So Mika and I get to stay home again. Frustrating.
Uncle Damon and Auntie Kerry came over and met Mika today. She wasn't her usual charming self though...She was pretty cranky for the most part. Mika didn't nap very well today. She was napping downstairs instead of in her crib this afternoon. Auntie and Uncle's arrival woke her up early and she made me pay! She offered up a few smiles anyway. Silly of me to let her nap downstairs...I don't know what I was thinking.

I'm going to bed!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Day 51

Wow..Mika slept remarkably well considering how late she slept in yesterday morning. She was in her crib asleep at around 8PM and got up at 10AM this morning. Of course, there were a couple of diaper changes and feedings in there, but still.
Mika is on a feeding frenzy. She never ate more than about 60ml per feed, but is now up to at least 75ml. A good thing! Hopefully, she will start sleeping longer between night feeds too. Mika has been eating like mad all weekend. Her poopy diapers are starting to make me ill. It's like she saves 3 poops up and blasts it all out at once. Ugh.
Today we're off to Canadian Tire to get a rake. Then Superstore to get a pack of travel diapers and maybe a bamboo steamer, if they have them. Then to visit with G. Then to visit with Nana. Another busy day!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Day 50

Mika, Daddy, and I all slept in til 11AM this morning. I am now fearing what this will mean to Mika's night schedule.
Mika got a new hard drive and DVD burner today to store all of her footage. She was cranky for most of the day, except for when we first got to Uncle Lucas'. She was pleased to be watching the fishtank while hanging out with Auntie Jenn. We had to say goodbye to Grandpa today. He's heading back home tomorrow so we won't see him again until he visits next...or we head to Toronto!
Mika is currently in her room with her Daddy. He's trying to get her to go to sleep. Its been a long day of Shreika.
Tomorrow we'll go visit G and Nana. Hopefully Mika will have a better day. I'm not going to let her sleep so long in the morning. Its so nice to be able to sleep in that its hard to make myself get up with her. Especially when Mika is happy to sleep that long too.

Friday, April 08, 2005


Thanks Auntie 'B' for the sleepers and matching jacket. Auntie 'B' wanted to ensure that Mika had something green to wear in honor of her Irish heritage.

Extra-special Thanks to Auntie Kim and Uncle John for the books and keepsake booties. The booties have Mika's Name, Birthdate, Birthstone, and Astrological Sign printed on the bottom and were handmade, according to Auntie 'B'.
Mika now has her first Richard Scarry book! Also Each Peach Pear Plum, and The Secret Life of Fairies. Nana agreed to let Mika have a Fairie section in Nana's garden. Maybe she'll help us find a way to make a little red door at the base of one of her trees too...ya know, for the fairies to get in and out of their home.

Happy 7 Week Birthday, Mika!

Hard to believe that its been almost two months since Mika arrived. The time is just flying.
Mika now smiles regularly and is starting to imitate. She discovered her tongue the other day and has been repeatedly sticking it out. Mika was imitating Auntie Jenn sticking her tongue out yesterday. Lots of fun! Mika also jigged with her legs when Auntie Jenn helped Mika's upper body dance. She's becoming a regular entertainer!
Mika held a rattle in her hand and shook it for the first time today. Her tracking is getting better and better daily.

and she's so bloody cute that I can barely stand it.

Happy 7 Week Birthday Mika!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Day 48

What a day! We were up by 10 and out the door at 11:20. Grandpa came and picked us up to go to G's 103rd birthday party. Mika partied hard and didn't get back home again until 4PM. She had a quick nap and feed and was out the door again when Daddy got home at 5PM. Off to Chianti's for a family dinner and home again by 8:15PM.
A good time had by all at G's party. It started in her room and soon moved out to the dining room at St. Joes to accommodate all of the people. Auntie Kim had arranged for the coffee to be provided and she also brought a Bee Bell Black Forest Cake, G's fave, courtesy of Great Great Auntie Marg in Maryland. Mika's first-meets included Auntie Kim, Uncle Brett, Uncle Chris, G's friend Edna, and G's niece Ruth and her daughter Corine. Also in attendance were Uncle Lucas, Auntie Jenn, Auntie B, and, of course, Grandpa.
Later at the dinner, Mika met her Uncle John, Uncle Brian Jewell and his wife Terry.
Mika behaved wonderfully throughout the day and evening. She really gets into social events and seems to enjoy new faces to look at. Let's hope G's makes it to 104!

Happy 103rd Birthday, G!

Mika's Great-Great Grandma turns 103 today. We're just waiting for Grandpa to pick us up to go to her party. Mika is napping in preparation. We may get to see Uncle Brett from Victoria today.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Day 47

Bleh...another wakeful night for Mika. I think we need to move to a more humid climate if we want her to consistently sleep well and not be congested.
We had a good walk today. Had to go get a bunch of candy for G's birthday tomorrow. I liked Uncle Anton's suggestion of getting G a megaphone, but they're not so easy to find at Meadowlark mall. Mika slept pretty good during the outing, just a couple of wakeful moments. She's been up since we got home at 2:30. Well...she's had little 5-10 min power naps, but I don't count those. Mika has been happily playing with her toys for at least a half hour now. I go over periodically and swing them or pull the climbing ones down but she is just as amused playing by herself. A good thing for an only child to get used to, I suppose. Its so cute when she gets excited and happy because her legs just start pumping a km a minute. She bats at her devil bear and when she connects, her legs just start going as she smiles away. Mika was also highly impressed with that damn gorgeous baby in the mirror that hangs on her toy bar.
Hopefully Mika will sleep well tonight from having been up most of the late afternoon. We'll give her an evening stroll too.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Day 46

*yawn*..Mika must be feeling better. She woke every two hours to feed last night.
Mika both smiled and cried a lot today. More happy than unhappy.
I noticed tears for the first time. I'm not sure at what age babies are supposed to start producing tears. I guess around 6 weeks? That or she's still sick and has watery eyes. She still had a runny nose and cough, but wasn't as grumpy. Mika's Daddy had a stuffed nose and wasn't feeling well today and her Grandpa was downright sick. Way to spread the germs, Mika! I am not sick, so far. I'm an obsessive compulsive handwasher. I'm sure the germs will get me sooner or later though.
Mika had two decent naps in her nice humid room today and another good nap while on a walk. The cool air seems to work well for reducing her cough. She finally fell back to sleep at around 9Pm and my money is on a 1Am wake-up. I hope its at least that late.
A good stim day! Lots of talking, rattling, and tracking. She seems to have discovered her tongue and found that rather amusing. Mika would periodically stick it out, lick whatever was in reach of her, and smile like mad about it.
I don't think Mika knows how to giggle, so she smiles in about three or four different ways in succession to seemingly indicate that something is giggle-worthy rather than just smile-worthy. I giggle like an idiot when she smiles. (I giggle like an idiot when she puts on her exaggerated frowning sad face too.)

Thanks Uncle Lucas!

Thanks for the clothes to drive Grandma "right up the wall and back down again" including:

  • An AC/DC shirt with matching bottoms that read "Dirty Deeds" on the bum
  • A camouflage Clash onesie
  • A prefaded black Oscar the Grouch onesie that reads "Oscar Rules" in the Ozzy font
Its hard to know which one Grandma will hate the most. She hates 'band' tshirts, hates camouflage *anything*, and hates that faded out black colour.

Thanks Grandma Campbell and Grandpa!

Thanks for the books! I'm sure Mika will enjoy them as much as I do. I've already started repeating the Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed lines to her. I felt sad for Miss Spider and the Mama Toad. Enjoyed seeing all the different things in Peepo! And am sure Mika will look at me like I am some kind of circus freak when I start doing the Hand Rhymes for her. Yay!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Day 45

Mika's Dr. appointment went well. I'm to stop giving her the baby dimetapp and just let her body work through the left-over congestion. The key is humidity. We're going to need an upgraded humidifier. The ones we have are not designed to be run constantly, so we only run them at night. I think that we need to get a bigger one that we can run all day and all night. It's just so dry here. I don't like it one bit! The doc's measurements showed that Mika had only grown 1/8 of an inch, which I can't believe. I *know* she has grown a little more than that just because of the way her clothes are starting to not fit anymore. The method the doc uses to measure Mika is to lay her on the exam table and mark lines with a pen as to where her head and feet are. With Mika's constant flailing, it might be hard to get an accurate measurement. We know she is over 2 Ft. tall now though! Mika weighs 10 lbs, 5 oz. as of today.
We went and had a quick visit with Grandma after the appointment. Always a good time for Mika when she is being admired...such a Princess. Then we were off back to the west end to pick up some fruits, veggies, and bottle nipples. Mika and I had a good walk home from Meadowlark. We got home about 20 minutes before Daddy did. Just enough time for Mika to eat and have her diaper changed before heading over to G's.
Grandpa showed up at G's while we were there, so Daddy took some 'generational' photos for Mika's album. We hope to see Grandpa a few more times before he leaves. We'll at least see him for G's 103rd birthday on Thursday.
Mika is currently giving us a hard time about her bedtime. I don't know why she is not asleep right now, but it sure seems to be irritating her Daddy. Poor guy. He feels like he might be coming down with her cold. Yesterday she went to sleep early and slept through until about 4:30 this morning. Today, she just won't fall asleep. Never a dull moment...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Day 44 - Hi Grandpa!

The highlight of the day was that Grandpa came to meet Mika all the way from Aurora, ON. After being sick and cranky for most of the afternoon, she let up a bit and gave Grandpa smiles. Smiles! I don't get stinking smiles the way that Daddy and Grandpa do!!

Mika is still not feeling well. Her 6 week checkup is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon so we'll see what her doctor has to say. At least she's not running a fever and is eating well and going through about the same number of diapers per day. Knock on wood. Just this bad congestion in her sinuses and lungs. She is still doing the gagging cough thing and I am still on hyperalert with the baby monitor when she's sleeping in her room instead of with me.

Sweet...Daddy let me sleep from around 8-ish to noon. Noon!! Which was really 1!!! 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep is such a treat. He said Mika was being good for him the whole while too.
He made a breakfast of sausage and french toast (mmm..light rye makes the best french toast!) when I got up that totally rocked. I am so spoiled.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Day 43

Mika's still sick. We're taking her out for some fresh air to help her sleep. More later...

Friday, April 01, 2005

Happy 6 Week Birthday, Mika!

Mika is still sick so we had a low-key, yet still high stress (for me!) , day.
Her congestion sounds so awful. She hates having her nose suctioned or otherwise cleaned. I get some snot sucked down, she snorts it back up. It becomes a 'game' of me trying to get a kleenex to wipe out the snot that I have sucked down before she shnorks it back up again. And then cries. I feel so bad for her.
Mika has had a really bad sleep day too. She didn't sleep for more than an hour straight all day. I think the best sleep she had was when we took her grocery shopping. At least it was more sound than she seemed to have since about 7AM. She's been asleep for about an hour now in her humidified room. I am paranoid to not be watching her. My ears are peaked to the baby monitor. If I hear a noise, I get panicky. But if I don't hear noise, I get panicky after a little bit too. *sigh*.
I'm sure that Mika will come through this sickness much better than I am going to. It's making me absolutely insane. I want her to live in a bubble. Or have superhuman resistance to all illnesses and disease.

On a positive note, Grandpa arrives tomorrow afternoon from Ontario! If Mika is feeling up to it, we'll go meet him at G's. If not, he'll just have to hang at her crib.