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Monday, May 30, 2005

Clothing sizes

Mika has three types of clothing: stuff that fits only when she wears a disposable diaper, stuff that fits only with a cloth diaper, and stuff that fits regardless of the type of diaper.
It seems that baby clothes are much like adult in the sense that there is little consistency in the sizing. Some of Mika's clothes that she is wearing now are 12 Month, some are 0-3 Month still. She is such a long, thin baby that most clothing is a bit loose on her. I like shopping at the second hand stores for her just so that i can see how big the item is going to be when it has been washed and dried a few times.
Er, about those disposables...I have cheated. I find that putting Mika in a disposable when she wakes in the middle of the night helps her sleep through til the morning. Also, when pooping is predictable, I will often throw a disposable on her just to make clean up easier. Mika almost always travels wearing disposables too. Mother Earth have mercy on me please!! You have no idea how sick it can be trying to rinse off one of the fold-it-yourself flannel diapers, even when using the flushable liners!
While I am on about poop anyway, Mika is back on Enfalac. We switched her to Nestle hoping it would make her life easier while digesting as they claim to have broken down proteins. Once established on Nestle's, she started spitting up, something she has never done before. She also started eating less. So, we went back to Enfalac. Enfalac makes yellowish somewhat watery poop. Nestle poop is green and sticky. During the transition when we had half and half, her poops would reflect that. We'd get some green and sticky, some mustardy..all in the same diaper. baby bum art.

Day 101

Phew..another busy weekend that went by much too quickly. We finally got to see Revenge of the Sith!! Nana was kind enough to take Mika for the evening on Friday. I think she had a grandkid filled day. Nana called us just after 17:00 to say she was on her way back home. She was looking after Mika's cousins' Jackson and Lucas over at their place. We packed up Mika's bags and headed out. When we arrived, Mika was being fussy and wanted a bottle (not a boob...she is specific about what she wants and when...not that we spoil her or anything). Nana carried off a crying Mika to the garden while her bottle warmed and I almost couldn't leave. Its one thing to drop off a sleeping, happy, or content baby. Quite another a crying one. Nana says that taking Mika out to the garden calms her down. Perhaps we have a wee nature nut..that would be kewl. Considering that we have the smallest outdoor space ever (townhouse condo back areas can hardly be called 'yards') and that the neighborhood cats have taken over what was once called our garden, I'm surprised that Mika has a taste for it. Mika slept from 8:30PM on til we picked her up. She dazedly played with me in the back of the car and was back to sleep when we got home. Nice! Mika had her Dad up early on Saturday while I slept on. We spent the day running around doing errands and shopping. I finally got around to weedwhacking the back when we got home. There was over half of a garbage bag full of grass clippings. Far too many to leave as fertilizer or whatever. Daddy bbq'd a pork roast for supper. I don't think I usually enjoy pork roasts, but this one was supa-fine. I should have grabbed a photo! We took Mika for a walk after supper which put her to sleep so we could spend the rest of the evening nerding out. We watched Episode IV on VHS and went on and on about inconsistencies and other nerdly critiques of the series as a whole. Yes, we spend our Saturday nights dissecting Star Wars. No, this is nothing new since becoming parents. Sunday was much like Saturday. Except we went to visit Uncle Lucas and Auntie Jenn. Mika wanted to see the fishtank again..and Andy, the lemur-tailed kitten. Oooh...we finally picked up a new coffee maker. We've been using the old perc since the last coffee maker died. We grabbed a Hamilton Beach Brew Station..its too much, really. I am spoiled in the coffee arena now. The only thing that would have been better was this model that ground the coffee first, then brewed. But that would have been too rich for our taste. :P
All of the work around the house that was to be done this weekend is still here. We got nothing done, save for weedwhacking.
Oooh..Mika rolled over Friday at about 16:20. I turned her on to her tummy and she flipped back over with aggression. I don't think it can be counted as her first time rolling over really as it seemed more of a reaction than a deliberate thing. She hasn't rolled again since.

It's a beautiful day and I am inside blogging while Mika finally naps. No more sleeping til 11!! It took an hour of coaxing to get her to nap this afternoon. I feel like going for a walk, but dare not wake her to get into the stroller. I suppose I should get some work done around here while I can...

Friday, May 27, 2005

Sensitive or not?

When Mika is falling asleep or trying to, the slightest noise will jar her back into wakefulness. Yet once she is asleep for only 2 minutes or so, I can vacuum her room without her noticing. Its odd. She has a terrible time falling asleep. Lately, it has taken at least half an hour to get her to sleep. Its quite the ordeal. When I see that she is tired or when its about nap or bedtime, I take her upstairs for a fresh diaper followed by a feed. If she doesn't fall asleep eating, then its game on. There's the holds that sometimes work: on her tummy in your arms, upright looking over the left shoulder, not the right one. On her side with her head resting on the right arm, not the left. If 15-25 mins of bouncing and rocking and cradling in the arms hasn't worked, then its back to feeding. If I gave her a bottle at first, then I must offer boob. If she had been nursing at first, then its a bottle. Often times, I have to be standing and bouncing her while she feeds from the right boob. Like I said above...its quite the ordeal. Only if we're out and about strolling does she ever fall asleep on her own. Or in the car.
Mika usually gets in a solid 6 hour sleep at night now, sometimes more, sometimes less. Usually its about 6 hours though. She feeds well and falls back to sleep easily in the night. Of course, I am one-eyed and mentally functioning at the level of a cucumber when she wakes in the night. I haul her out of her crib, changer her diaper, and cart her back into our room for the rest of the night still. I lay on my side and she feeds. I usually fall back asleep before she is done eating, so i can only assume that she finishes eating and then goes to sleep as well. Though, I have woken up a few times to find that Mika has inchwormed her way over to me, latched on, and started eating. It's kind of a freaky way to wake up. I mentioned this to the Doctor and she told me that it is much funnier when the baby does that to Daddy instead of Mom. I'd love to see the look on Daddy's face as he wakes to Mika trying to feed from him!
We get up in the wee hours of the morning or when Daddy gets up and switch sides. Mika feeds off the other boob and will go back to sleep until 9-ish. Not always though. Every now and again, she and I actually get up between 7 and 8. bad as it is, I prefer when she sleeps til 10AM. :P It will make me doubly sad when she is weaned. Not only will we not have our nursing times together, but I also won't be bringing her back into our bed anymore. I'm sure that once she is mobile, she will find her way there anyway, but still...then it will be annoying...now it's just nice bonding at 3AM.
Mika rarely naps for more than a half hour, 45 mins at best.

Happy 14 Week Birthday, Mika!

Woohoo...another week passed. Er, well, not woohoo because I want Mika to stay wee and tiny and immobile. Well...ok, I don't, but I do, if that makes sense.
This week, Mika's favorite things are ripping out my hair and sticking out her tongue and saying "Blahhhh". Its great. Really.
I have heard that a few months after delivery, women will often start losing hair. They *claim* its a hormone thing, but I am more apt to believe that its just having a 3-month old ripping it out every 10 mins.
Mika seemed to want a toy yesterday. She and I went to Safeway to pick up some groceries and I stopped in at Zellers to check out vacuums and coffee makers. Of course, i had to stroll through the baby section. Mika saw this figure 8/infinity toy thing and just stared. I handed it to her and she seemed pleased. When I tried to take it away and put it back she no longer seemed pleased....so I bought it. And she was happy all the way home. I guess its good that I learned this lesson while she is so young.

we got a new vacuum last night!! A super Hoover. With a funky powered attachment for stairs and upholstery!! I can finally vacuum the vertical blinds with something more than a crevice tool. And an allergen filter! 100% of dust mites and their eggs will be trapped in my vacuum bag. Joy...now I hafta clean.


Daddy and I might actually get out to see Revenge of the Sith tonight. Woohoo!


Soon we will have a new coffee maker.


Its no rush because we have a percolator and a drip system as backups.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Up to and including Day 97

Hello. Long time, no post. The condo work is almost done. We have more rearranging to do with the bookcases and such, but all the nasty work is done. Mika had a good time with her Nana on Sunday. Mika was there all day! On Tuesday, Nana came and picked us up to go to Whyte Ave. I needed more of Mika's laundry detergent from Earth's General Store. Mika still doesn't like to be in a baby carrier or sling for very long and the store is up a flight of stairs. Nana strolled Mika back and forth until I returned with the soap. We went and had a visit with Oma after. Yesterday we were up late in the morning...not til almost 11. We did some work around the house and went strolling to the mall. I love how well Mika usually sleeps at the mall. Of course, she had to be carried in my arms while she was awake.
Nothing new in Mika's development. She's very close to rolling over and still steadily growing.

Our vacuum finally died. Not surprising considering the usage it has had over the years. We're looking at getting the latest version of the same vacuum (Hoover PowerMax) or switching to Dirt Devil because they have HEPA filters. We gotta get it soon because this place is disgusting and I cannot take much more of it! We may go pick it up tonight after visiting G. Or we may check if Nana is busy and see about dropping off Mika and going to see Revenge of the Sith. Daddy and I *must* see that movie soon. Maybe tomorrow if not today.

Not sure what Mika and I will do today. We're going to go meet some new friends soon, but likely not until next week due to uncertainty over when to purchase a vacuum and when to see that movie. Mika and I also are hoping to visit Auntie Jenn and watch the fishtank with Andy, the lemur tailed cat.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

May Long Weekend

Sorry for the lak of posts. We're doing some work on the condo this weekend. Total rearranging, sealing foundation cracks, painting, replacing dryer vent, and on it goes. Mika is with her Nana. Updates to follow...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Days 89 and 90

So nothing major happened on Monday or Tuesday. It was raining and we were housebound. I just cooked, baked, and cleaned like a good domestic queen.
On Mika's 3-month Birthday, she had to see the doctor for a routine checkup. All is well. Mika weighed in at 11 lbs, 13 oz.. A bit light, but healthy and good. Mika is almost 25 inches long now. She gets to start solid foods in a month or so!
As usual, Mika screamed bloody murder through the appointment. She also had one of those Poo's to end all Poo's. Nice.
Her motor-skills and other developments are coming along really well. Mika is a little bit ahead of the game with grasping and head control, etc.
Prior to the appt., we went and saw Daddy and had lunch with him. Not before Mika did a tour of the offices to try and round up more members for her fan club. She did very well. Smiling and cooing at all the adoring strangers. After the appointment, we went to visit Grandma at work. She whisked Mika away to show her off to the some of the people that Mika hadn't met yet. Grandma also fed Mika a bottle. A sure way to win Mika's heart.
After all was said and done, there was only about 45 mins left until Daddy was done work for the day so we hung out downtown and browsed the mags at the Front Page until it was time to go get Daddy and go home! No sooner were we home than we went out again to visit G. Mika had fun there giggling with her granny.
A long day!!

And by the monitor, I hear that her Highness is awake from her morning nap...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Happy 3 Month Birthday, Mika!

She's so big now!! My wee baby Mika is growing too fast. We have to head to a Dr.'s appointment today. Er...and I think she just woke up. Gotta run!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Days 85 and 86

Day 86 has just started. Mika is napping already though. We're going to go visit Auntie Amber and Grandma Jude. Auntie Amber is only in town for the day. We just heard that she gets to go to L.A. for a hair show next weekend. So jealous!! Though, I don't know what Mika and I would do at a hair show. I could be the "Still-too-heavy-with-baby-weight-and-bad-skin" model. Mika, of course, would sport her Rockabilly Baby do. Really, I just want free airfare and accommodations and a $5000 shopping spree.
We had a great time at Case's 3rd Birthday yesterday. Mika finally got to meet her boyfriend Arran. He's huge!! Maybe we'll have to start feeding Mika congee mash too! Case had a big haul of presents and seemed to be having a good time with the water guns we gave him. I asked his Mom to make sure it was OK for Case to have guns. Mika also met a new friend named Chloe. Chloe is a wee baby like Mika. She's long and thin and is developmentally just fine which gives me some relief knowing that there are other skinny babies out there doing just fine. We met another boy, Caleb, who is 11 weeks old. Mika was more interested in the older kids and people though.
Case lives in Ellerslie Crossing and Daddy was blown away by how little space there is between Ellerslie primary school and the residential area. Daddy went to Ellerslie school for years and years so we did a quick tour of the area so he could reminisce.
Now its off to shower and get ready for today's visit and some grocery shopping. whee!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Happy 12 Week Birthday, Mika!

Another milestone reached! We celebrated the day by having a nice long lunch with Auntie Laura at Dante's. Mika looked so cute sitting at the table in her carseat. She's such a little lady at times. She can also be rather foul; belching like her father and letting out marathon farts. I put Mika in disposable diapers for her outing. She waited til we got home and was in a nice soft cloth diaper before she pood. Ugh.
She didn't scream like she was having every bone in her body broken during bathtime today, which was nice. I keep waiting for one of the neighbors to call social services on us due to her screaming.
Auntie Amber is in town this weekend. We will be having a Sunday visit with her and Grandma Jude to pour over the pix from their recent trip to Costa Rica. Not sure if the boys, Nathin and Scott, will be there too.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Day 82

Mika held onto a bottle with both hands for a few seconds today. It was a deliberate grab, first with the right hand then the left. We've had a pretty lame week. Both of us slept late on Monday and Tuesday. Today I was just too zombified to do much of anything, save for entertaining Her Highness. We're going to try and make it up and out for lunch with Auntie Fausie tomorrow. If not, we'll see her Saturday for Case's 3rd Birthday Party.

My head hurts.


3 days and no posts. i am holding a fussy Mika with one arm antyping with the other hand. will post later...

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Day 79 - Thanks!

Whew..another busy day. Slept in til 10:30 again...Daddy and Mika were up at 8:30. We bummed around then headed out to take G a Mothers Day milkshake. Met up with Auntie Laura there, but we had to leave pretty quick as we were running late for Uncle Steve and Auntie Darlene's Mothers Day BBQ! Thanks for the card Auntie Laura! We'll head back tomorrow to hang out with G. Both Nana and Grandma as well as Grandpa Ted met us at Steve and Darlene's. We had an awesome feast! It's going to be mayhem soon when Lucas and Mika are mobile and there's three of them running around causing chaos.

But there's a new episode of Family Guy on and I need some downtime. Its my first Mothers Day...I can do what I want! :P

Thanks Nana for the photos and Geranium!

Thanks Grandma (Mom!) for the candies (mmm...candy.) and outfit for Mika. Shame on me for not geting black patent leather shoes for Mika earlier. She'll look smashing in her pink butterfly dress and ladybug hat! Complete with either tights or socks, depending on the weather!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Day 78

After another hectic night of little sleep, Mika slept until about 10:30 this morning. She had many feeds, changes, freakouts, and general wakedness (is that a word? it is now...) through the night. Twas a slow day of wandering to the mall in search of a card with the word Oma instead of Grandma for Mother's Day. We had to settle on a blank card. It was kewler than all the Mothers Day crap anyway. Picked up some treats for the Mom's and Oma. We came home for about half an hour then headed over to the Mis to visit Oma. Or Ur-Oma as she is to Mika. Oma gets released home on Wednesday! Mika hammed it up as always and chatted away to Oma. She's always just delighted by Mika. Mika also met some other patients and staff, as always. She barely fussed for the entire visit. Oma seemed pleased with her Pocky and German chocolate bars. Oh, and this weird ceramic typewriter notepad holder with paper and a pen in it. Winners always has such choice selections. Oma owns more typewriters than anyone I know. I think she has like 5 or 6 of them. Tomorrow we're going to Uncle Steve and Auntie Darlene's to have a Mothers Day BBQ. Grandma and Grandpa Ted will be there and of course Nana. Babies tend to meld families, whether you're officially married or not. Its all the way in Sherwood Park and we're stopping at G's on the way. Gonna be a busy day!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Happy 11 Week Birthday, Mika!

11 weeks! 11 WEEKS!!! One more week and Mika will be 3 months old and hardly a newborn anymore. I am both happy and sad about that. I love watching her grow and learn and explore, but I also wish she could just stay my wee little Mikanator.
I did something really dumb last night. Really dumb. I was hungry and wanting a snack about half an hour before bed. Looking for something healthy, I took out a bag of broccoli slaw. I figured that snacking on raw veggies would be a Good Thing. I didn't stop to think that I was cautioned by my Doctor to not eat raw cabbage, broccoli, or cauliflower due to the gas they create for baby. Mika woke up early for her night feed. She was up at 1AM. She didn't get back to sleep until well after 3AM. We walked, we talked, we bounced, we rocked, Mika ate 2 kinds of formula and was sick. I lay down with her in bed, on the couch, and tried putting her in the swing. It was easily the most hellish night we've had so far. Next time I want a midnight snack, I'm going for the ice cream!
Mika seems much better today. She ate her new formula without an issue and has been playful and smiley all day. Wonder what tonight will bring?

Happy 11 week bday, Mika-moo. Your Daddy and I love you more than you could possibly imagine!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Days 74-76

I really have to stop being so lazy and post more often.
Lesse...Tuesday, Tuesday. what did we do? I think we had a routine day and then went to visit G.
Wednesday we finally made it over to visit Oma. She's staying at the Mis recovering from her hip op. Mika screamed a couple of times, but was otherwise pretty good. We were there for a couple of hours. Mika napped and then hung out. Did some laps around the ward and then screamed bloody murder so I got her out of there as quick as I could. Of course, about a block from the hospital she fell fast asleep.
Today we got up late, had some playtime and naps, and then headed out to raid the local value village. Mika woke up partway through my storewide rampage and demanded to be carried. She screamed like she was being tortured everytime I put her back into the stroller. Why she won't let me carry her in a swing is beyond me. So..again..I got her out of there as quick as I could. She fussed on the way home, but fell asleep shortly after we arrived. We went to visit G again when DaddyR got home.
tomorrow is Mika's 11 Week birthday. The forecast is calling for thundershowers. If so, I will celebrate the day by finally getting around to the ironing that is weighing down the bedroom door. It hasn't been done in over 3 months. The clothes are mostly forgotten. It's all DaddyR's stuff, so it'll be like a new clothes day for him. Or maybe I'll just leave it and gently remind him again that its OK to iron his clothes himself..*wink*

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Days 72 and 73

Whew...too much life going on to post. Not necessarily the most interesting stuff, but life nonetheless. ya know, increasing milk supply, changing diapers, etc.
We went to visit Auntie Cheryl on Sunday. Had to meet Uncle Robbie and Auntie Pauline. Auntie Cheryl and Uncle Robbie have an awesome new house in Spruce Grove. Mika enjoyed Uncle Robbie's teeth and giggling at Auntie Pauline. There was a garage sale happening. We picked up a Froggie cake pan. Maybe I'll make Mika a Froggie Happy Three Month Birthday Cake when the time rolls around in a couple of weeks. We also went to WalMart. We haven't been to a WalMart since before Mika was born. I think DaddyR was hoping we would never go to a Walmart ever again as he hates the lights and business practices. Ah well. Mika got a cute dress and some PJ's for dirt cheap!
Yesterday we went for lunch with Auntie Laura. Mika got to ride in a bigass huge truck. Its nice that her carseat is so versatile. Mika slept through the actual lunch part, which was nice. Mika loved giving Auntie Laura the 'elvis' smile over and over. Was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!
Today the weather is uncertain. It will look nice, then 5 mins later it looks like rain, then back to nice, etc. etc.
might go visit Oma. might go to the mall. Just not sure yet. We are going to go visit G later though...